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1. How can I secure my audio visual equipment?

You can rent our audio visual equipment by filling out a quote request form online or by calling a highly-trained event planner expert at (800) 574-0212 for more information.

2. What if I don't know exactly what I need?

No worries. Our rental experts are highly-trained in the audio visual field and will ask you key questions such as venue size and the approximate amount of guests that will be attending your event, among other crucial bits of information that they will be able to understand and direct you to the ideal audio visual gear.

3. Can I have my audio visual equipment shipped to the venue of the event?

Yes. You can tell your rental representative over the phone or make a note of it on your quote request form of the specific address of the venue, the hotel you are staying at, or any other location that makes it easiest for you to receive the equipment, set it up and start operating it immediately.

4. What if I have issues with my audio visual equipment?

We supply easy-to-use instructions that assist in the setup and operation of your audio visual equipment. Should you still have questions after having read the instructions then call our technical support team at (800) 574-0212 and they will be able to help you effectively. They are available to our clients 24/7 so do not hesitate to give them a call.

5. When should I expect my audio visual equipment to arrive?

We always ship out your audio visual equipment so it will be delivered to you a day or more before the start of your event. This ensures that you will receive plenty of time to setup, and become familiarized with all of your equipment's features so by the time your event starts you will be confident knowing how to operate all of the audio visual gear and components with ease.

6. If my audio visual equipment gets damaged, what am I responsible for?

If your audio visual equipment arrives to you damaged, even in the slightest way, be sure to contact us immediately at (800) 574-0212 so we know not to charge you for it. If, however, from the time between you signing for it from FedEx up until the time you return it back to FedEx it has been damaged in any way, you will be charged equivalent to the extent of the damage. It could range from a minimal fee to the full retail price depending on the equipment and the severity of the damage. Plus out of rental fees, recovery and monetary damages if applicable will also be charged.

7. How do I receive/return my audio visual equipment properly?

Being a nationwide company we ship all of our audio visual equipment to the location our customers specify via FedEx. We prefer to ship directly to the hotel or the venue where your event is taking place to save our clients the inconvenience that goes with lugging AV equipment through airport security. To return your audio visual gear simply place the equipment back in the original box(es) it came in, apply the provided return shipping label(s) to it and seal it up with secured tape, and then drop it off with the outgoing FedEx pick-up, with concierge, or the local FedEx Office location.

8. Is there a contract that I have to sign?

Yes, you will be emailed an electronic contract that is straightforward discussing the rental agreement and its terms. This contract must be signed and emailed back to us before your audio visual equipment ships out. There will also need to be an adult's signature upon receiving your equipment by you, or a respectable worker at the hotel or venue where your event is being held.

9. What if I'm late returning my audio visual rental gear?

We offer our clients a 24-hour grace period to return their A/V rental equipment. This means that your audio visual rental gear is postmarked through FedEx or another courier within 24 hours from the end of your rental period. If you happen to postmark your A/V rental gear after the 24-hour grace period, then you will be charged the full daily rate of all audio visual rental equipment for each day that the product(s) are not returned beyond the grace period.

10. How long has Encore AV Rentals Corporation been in business?

Encore AV Rentals, Inc has been the provider of premier nationwide audio visual gear rentals for numerous clients ranging from small business owners to Fortune 500 Corporations for over 25 years. We have always provided high quality A/V rental equipment to our clients at an affordable price.

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