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Are you in need of an audio mixer rental for a corporate event? Browse our audio mixer rental catalog over the different features and specifications that you will require for your unique needs. We stock our warehouse with 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 channel Mackie audio mixer rentals to cover a variety of different events all with varying options. If you were to rent a Mackie 6 channel audio mixer, actually considered to be a miniature model, you will notice that it is effective for 1-3 microphones as well as a CD or iPod input, and allows for total volume control. This setup is good for small boardroom meetings, a one on one meeting with a business partner or any other smaller event in general.

Undecided about what audio mixer to rent? Call a customer service representative and they will recommend a specific Mackie audio mixer for rent based on the size of the room you will be using it in, the amount of people that will be present during your speech or event, and how many input microphones, guitars, components, etc you will be connecting to it. A Mackie 8 channel audio mixer rental is an upgrade from the 6, with two more options for input, and provides for a more complete sound in a live setting, which works excellent for bands performing in small bars and the like.

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Channel Mixer Board Rentals

Consider renting a Behringer channel mixer board? Behringer channel mixer board rentals come standard with fully functional inputs, a USB cord to hook up to a PC to stream music, and equalizers that allow for easy manipulation of the various channels for excellent sound control. Interested in a large venue Mackie channel mixer rental? Look into renting a Mackie 16 channel mixer board that works great for big concerts, as well as larger than life speaking engagements as it allows for numerous input jacks and organizes sound like no other. From concert venues to convention centers, we got the appropriate Nady channel mixers for rent to satisfy all of your specific needs.

Still not sure about which Shure channel mixer board rental that is right for you? After comparing a few Mackie, Shure, Behringer and Nady channel mixers for rent be sure to call our award-winning team of event planners and tell them about your options, your budget, and the overall aim of your event. Business expos, trade shows, weddings, parties, pharmaceutical meetings, IT discussions and sporting event channel mixer board rentals are just some of what we do. And you can expect to receive your Nady channel mixer board rentals a day or more before the start of your event as a courtesy so you will have time to set it up and familiarize yourself with all of its different features.

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